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Morayglen Hawk of Thornship

Morayglen Hawk of Thornship "Ollie" is a son of FTCH Logo out of Brackenbird Glen Coe of Morayglen,, with Waterford Harris of Featherfly as a grandfather, Ollie is well bred. 
Health Tests
Hereditarily clear of CNM, prdPRA, SD2, EIC
Both parents unaffected by MRD,TRD,GPRA,CPRA, HC
Eyes test pass 2002, Hips 9/9 Elbows 0/0

2nd URC Novice Working Test May 2022

2nd Burns and Becks GC Open 24 Dog Walkup Test June 2022

2nd Northwest Counties Field Trial Association Novice Field Trial  13 Oct 2023 

2nd Vale of York Gundog Club Novice Field trial 21 Oct 2023

3rd Three Ridings Labrador Retriever Club Novice Field Trial 4 Nov 2023

2nd and Guns' Choice NGRA All Age Field Trial 14 Nov 2023

2nd NWLRC Novice Field Trial 15 Nov 2023

Ollie Pedigree.jpg
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